Your new home is waiting

Having been born and raised right here in the beautiful resort towns of Saugatuck-Douglas Michigan, I have seen first hand how unique and special this place can be. Year after year of witnessing countless families and friends enjoying the beauty of West Michigan’s coastline, I began to develop the desire of wanting to help visitors feel that same experience. Not only did I want to open their eyes to what West Michigan has to offer but to also help by being a go-to resource in helping people find beautiful homes, properties and investment opportunities in a place that I'm privileged to call home. I wanted to not only create a customer based business that is founded on trust and honesty, knowledge and dedication but to also have the privilege of promoting and showing off a community that’s like no other…and I LOVE IT!

Being the nature and outdoor enthusiast that I am, it is remarkable to me to see and enjoy what comes with each season West Michigan has to offer. There is not a day that goes by that I don't try to open someone’s eyes to one of the prettiest, friendliest and most unique places in the world.